daley ranch hike

I tagged a couple of places in the book last night, but went to bed not sure which one I wanted to try.  From the recent rains, it followed that many creeks and rivers that were normally dismally dry would be pregnant, swollen with water and overflowing with it.  Daley seemed like a nice mix of things, lots of trails, ponds, creeks, open meadows, oaks. I wouldn’t need a GPS gizmo to find my way out.

It started out mundane.  A crowded parking lot.  People strolling.  After the ranch, though, it thinned out.  Mostly I passed mountain bikers and horseback riders (with their horses, of course).  And then I started finding treasures.  The trickster coyote who crossed my path.  The birds.  The frogs.

I nearly squealed when I saw the shot up car through the chain link fence, which conveniently changed to a dilapidated barbed wire affair soon after.

The solitude.  Being out in nature (mostly).  Seeing.  Listening.  It was a great way to begin.

More images here


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