slice of life

She talked about her pills again today.  Along with the food at the Board and Care, about Vida going to the Philippines, and Mildred and Anne.

At first I felt agitated, hearing the same things again, some filled with negativity.  Then I mentioned hiking at the ranch yesterday, and her stories changed.

She talked about her purple Duster and how, after she drove Uncle Matt’s Toyota station wagon in ’79, she had to have one of her own.  From then on, she only bought Toyotas.

She talked about the days when she used to cook 30lb turkeys for the holidays, and that Uncle Matt and Aunt Joan would fight over the medallion of dark meat from the hip of the turkey before the potatoes were mashed and the table was set.  “Those were the days,” she said.  There was a trace of sadness, but there was happiness, too.


One thought on “slice of life

  1. Oops, screwed up on the nun but now I got it.
    As we age the past becomes clearer and more intense than the present and the future is less certain.

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