Stir-fried demons (or edible meditation)

imageAfter a flurry of activity yesterday, I had a self indulgent day of doing absolutely nothing.  In my boredom, my mind kicked into gear.  A bored mind is a dangerous mind.  So I got off my butt and got moving.

Even through the chores, my demons flicked their tails and grinned at me.  Malicious little bastards.  They kept taunting me, and waiting, waiting, waiting for me to react.

Then I started prepping dinner.  Cleared out the old dishes.  Put on the rice.  Cleaned and chopped two bunches of rapini.  Each act was full of mind and body.  Each act brought me here, to this moment.  That thing we call the present.  Really it’s the only place we are, though it’s so easy to slip in time, get tangled in the confusion or hurt of the past, skip ahead to some ill-conceived or artificially flavored future.

I watched as the rapini brightened to a different shade of green, as the onions and garlic deepened to gold.  The act of cooking didn’t chase away away the little rascals, it confronted them and reminded me of the power in now.


One thought on “Stir-fried demons (or edible meditation)

  1. Very pretty! Chick peas too? I wish I were in the “now” cause I would be asleep. I can’t help to worry sometimes about what some people will do at work to mess things up when I am not there…. I thought Arc was lenient about who we fired but you nearly have to kill someone (or piss off the wrong person) to get fired here.

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