By Jove, I think it’s Thursday

Giovedi is the Italian word for Thursday, derived from the name of the Greek god Jove, otherwise known as Jupiter.  It’s the “fifth day” of the week, if you start from Sunday, which apparently the Quakers did.  “Thursday” was far too pagan a word for those genteel folks to utter.  Although oddly enough, Jupiter is also the fifth planet from the sun.  Sadly the parallels end here, as 5 in numerology circles is better associated with Mercury.  Although it does enjoy fine company in Fibonacci’s sequence, it is representative of the senses, of supreme power, the melding of the masculine and feminine.  And more, of course.  We are creatures with an incessant need for meaning.

Jupiter / Jove as a god was known as the king of the gods, master of the sky, ruler of thunder.  Naming days for gods was not particular to the ancient Greeks.  Germanic tribes followed suit.  At some point these two cultures clashed, mish-mashed.  Naturally, they, too, had a god of thunder.  He went by the name Thor.  The first incarnation of “Thursday” was thonaras daga. It then migrated into the Old English, thunresdæg; and naturally the Old Norse thórsdagr”.

So hello, Thursday.  In your honor, I’ve thundered out some pages, raged individuality by driving home in the goofiest hat I own while singing so loud I’m sure people beyond my meager world heard me.  And I KNOW at least one guy laughed.


One thought on “By Jove, I think it’s Thursday

  1. Yeah! Individuality expressed is a beautiful thing (most of the time, barring those individuals who think they look good in a tube top and hot pants at 300#). I think that hat is just too cute. This is a fun post but as I read it it is now Friday…..

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