Serendipity with a side of magic

I feel like my life has had strange parallels and this-can’t-be-coincidence intersections, especially lately.  Parallels with Olivia’s story, from fitness journeys to another woman she knows who could apparently be my twin to other personal details are eerily emerging.  Eery not because they are creepy, but because the similarity is so strong.

And then there’s my birthday, an ‘odd’ trip to the shooting range, a chance meeting followed by the strangest feeling that I was going to see him again that night — and then it actually unfolding.

Combined, these events, both a tad bitter and delectably  sweet, leave me wondering about chance.  I’m inclined to believe in chaos over order and design.  And yet sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, or play out that way either.  Answers aren’t necessary.  At the moment, I’m thoroughly enjoying the fruits of serendipity, and curious to see how it will all play out.


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