Camera Obscura

Criterion for classification as a nerd: when one of the highlights of a trip is a gallery dedicated to “optical experiences”.

Camera Obscura, ideally situated next to Edinburgh Castle and the Whisky Experience, is devoted to the art and science of seeing. CO has multiple levels, each level features a different theme. On the rooftop is a real, operating camera obscura, which looks out over the city.

This image captures one of many fascinations. A mirrored wall was speckled with rows of LED lights that changed colors at regular intervals. After some experimentation, I decided to close up the f-stop and lengthened the shutter speed for the light ribbon effect.

Yeah. I was pretty giddy.

This place might might actually top the Exploratorium in San Francisco on my cool list. Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Camera Obscura

  1. This is interesting because, at first glance, it appears not to depict anything. It could be the product of any number of artistic disciplines – screen-print, etching, painting. That it is etched on the paper with light makes it the more beautiful. Ahem, thanks.

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