Art of the everyday

At home by InkSpot's Blot
At home, a photo by InkSpot’s Blot on Flickr.

It seems rather standard that many of us have routines that shape a large part of our lives. It can be something as simple and benign as when we get up, and when we go to sleep. More complex are the things we do, think and say. And with whom and to whom we perform these actions.

On the surface, taking a moment to pause and consider routine as something akin to ritual and art seems frivolous. An expenditure of energy that could be more wisely made.

However, there lays the risk of taking “everyday things” for granted. Consider a doorknob. Any latching device, really. It collaborates with the door into which it’s integrated. It provides the mechanism to separate in from out. It enables a sense of belonging, for those who have the key, and effectively bans those who do not. It is a separation. It marks home from restaurant from work from car, for example.

It signifies for us, in the most subtle and insignificant of ways, that we are about to transition from one space into another. It is a request for passage, and the granting of it.


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