I’m often surprised by something, then am surprised about being surprised. Convoluted, right? That doesn’t make it any less true. More often than not, this strange meta-moment centers around people and the way we relate to each other. In the right moment (read aftermath of an ‘event’) and frame of mind (meaning ego is sated so I can be open without eminent danger of bruising said ego), cause and effect relationships, and all the contributing factors, are much more digestible. You can take them apart, see the connections. The consequences.

You don’t like something you hear, you cross your arms. Some one treats you disrespectfully, you make a snide comment under your breath. You’re overloaded with work and one more INCREDIBLY important thing NEEDS your attention, you throw up your hands and say fine, whatever.

Some one smiles at you, do you smile back?

People react to you reacting to them reacting with learned behaviors to the environment, and vice versa. Thus (enter twisted logic) human interaction resembles a dance. Are you into your partner? Are you into the music? Or are you a bloody polygamist dancing with both with equal amounts of pleasure? Are you dancing around broken glass, stomping in rage, timidly tattooing an out of time rhythm by shuffling your feet? Do you even care? Are you connected?

(inter)connected-ness. The hyphen is gratuitous, but I mean the parenthetical marks. We are, in turns, connected and isolated from each other. A cascade of events escalates until each person in the connection is exhausted. Thanks to my programming, for me the face value of interconnectedness is positive. But if I really think about it, it has shades and shadows, as do most other things in life. Inter has another meaning. To bury. We bury ourselves from connection, bury ourselves in it. And for what?, to keep our selves safe. In the process, we do more harm than good. Perhaps it is better to strip away predispositions and prejudices, and to act rather than react.


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