Body Scape

Flickr has an odd way of categorizing activity. They sort by the most viewed of course, but they also have this filter called “Most Interesting”. I have no idea what algorithm they use to define this data, nor have I taken much time to sort through the common elements of pictures featured in the list. It feels relatively random.

This photo was ranked among “Most Interesting”. It made me pause, squint and click. WTF is that and whent he hell did I take it? A rock formation? A leaf. Oh, oh yeah wait—that’s my foot.

I take pictures, maybe more frequently than the average bear, but am mostly clueless about the theory behind photographic movements. If it was a piece of literature, I might classify it as post modern, for it’s decided fragmentation, it’s absurd realism, down to the freckle, the sad presence of stubble (sigh, thanks genes), and the speck of mica reflecting light. There are the gouges in the flesh, the roughened skin. Aside from all that, it is a piece of something. It isn’t whole. It’s so fractured that the viewer might have to search for a little while to understand what it is.

That I would gravitate toward this image at this time point in my life is not all that surprising. There is some comfort in understanding that it isn’t really fragmented, that the foot extends into toes, into a leg and torso, head and heart. However, knowing and feeling are not the same thing. Sometimes we have to be patient for them to remember each other, wait for them to step into the same skin.


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