The Gratitude Journal

love by InkSpot's Blot
love, a photo by InkSpot’s Blot on Flickr.

1. I’m grateful for creativity. Here’s the catch, in this instance I’m not grateful for my own, but that of others. Like the sculptor who made the exquisite statue in the picture. Like the Apollon Musagete Quartet for their passionate music. Or the craftsmen who crafted the desk on which I’m working right now. No modern affair, it’s a Mission-style library table. The creativity of others is inspirational. It sparks, and catalyze, which is a gift beyond words.

2. I’m grateful for the kindness of others. [as long as it isn’t a creepy leer] The smile of a stranger can do strange things. A post-it note reminder that even when life sucks, someone, somewhere out there cares. That we can choose to be happy. That we can smile, and inevitably someone will smile with us. Years ago I was going through a rough spot. Events had me dragging and drooping everywhere. I was on the trolley and a homeless guy (at least he looked like one) came up to me. My alarms were jingling jangling like crazy, but I was humbled when he gave me an origami rose. It happened almost 15 years ago, but that moment, that kindness is fresh in my mind.

3. The randomness of the human experience. This one doesn’t always pan out. I could use the same example as above, but there is something more immediate and amusing: their are people randomly roaming the streets around my house tonight. They bear drums and bells and holiday cheer, singing [screaming actually, but that only adds to the charm] “I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas”. Huh? Yeah. That’s cool.

4. I’m grateful for “sometimes solitude”. I like being around people, even if I’m not all the apt at it. I love to do. To travel, to have projects, chores and errands (and yes, I like to complain about them, too), outings with friends and dinners. As much as I like those things, A moment to breath, to stretch. A moment to sit silent and alone. These spaces in between are just sweet.

5. The last thing. I am very grateful for hugs. I’m talking about hugs you give to and get from friends and family. Okay, or a romantic partner, but I’d argue during a platonic moment. A good hug must not be underrated or underestimated. Solid contact, closeness, decent duration (not indecent), and good force. When you hug, you should mean it. It’s a show of affection. A demonstration that we, you and I, are connected.


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