The Gratitude Journal, A New Year

Jan 1, 2012 by InkSpot's Blot
Jan 1, 2012, a photo by InkSpot’s Blot on Flickr.

Welcome, 2012. I’ll try to treat you well. I confess, I might call you by another’s name. It’s not because I don’t care. Old habits die hard, so the infamous “they” say. I can guarantee that you will be my present for a while. Maybe even my future. Let’s try this: Can I be grateful for things that haven’t happened yet?

1. I’m grateful for the new friends and connections I’ll make this year. Friends come to know you. They laugh and cry with you. Share the sparkling moments, and inspire you. They help you be most honest with yourself, more kind.

2. I am grateful for the adventures I will have this year. On the page, in the heart. On the road, and through the lens. Why adventure? Why is this so important and critical to me? It is a thing of wonder. New and surprising, so it seems, but in these places that are not home, we often uncover familiar threads and strains. The landscapes may be stark, serene, iconic or alien. Each offers a filter through which we understand a different aspect of ourselves. Touch that spark of enlightenment, even if the moment is a dark one.

3. I am grateful for creativity. For the fact that my understanding of it, my application of it will evolve. Less like a bolt of lightening, and more like a switch that turns on each day. A finger flips it, mechanical act. Practiced and routine.

4. I am grateful for magic, for leading with the heart. I’m grateful for finding joy in the simple things, the sweet things. And here, this is the lightening, the delicate shred of light, the butterfly. It is the moment that can never be recovered. That can only be embraced with your all in that instance. And then it’s gone.

5. I am grateful, for yesterday. Yes. But mostly for today. And for tomorrow.


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