Photo Friday, A new year

A small irony is most of the time, I don’t go to the beach. Not only do I not go, but I don’t think of it. There’s life and everything in between, the commute to and from work, the book to work on, friends and family. It doesn’t dawn on me to go hang out at the beach. And yet, I spent day one and day two of the new year close to the water, listening to it in all its guises.

Maybe it’s not so farfetched, and maybe even apropos to go to the water during the transition from one year to another. After all, water is a symbol of birth, and rebirth. We can see the world in motion at the beach. Evidence of a passage of some sort.

This photo was taken at sunset in Carlsbad. I like how the sun looks like it’s nesting into the soft fabric of the horizon, and the jet trail scratching the sky.

Happy New Year all!


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