Foodie Tuesdays, Garlic

Random Food by InkSpot's Blot
Random Food, a photo by InkSpot’s Blot on Flickr.

I don’t like highly processed food. It seems the more that companies work with food, the more stuff they put into a product, the more messed up it becomes. The less healthy it is. But—

for a busy working girl it’s hard to be perfect. This has become my major cheat. I will admit fresh garlic is far superior (and tastier) than the stuff that comes chopped up and vacuum sealed in a jar. How much time does it really save? Maybe five minutes, maybe not. It’s just so seductive to twist off the lid, dive in with the spoon and retrieve a heaping helping of garlic. It’s in the pan in less than 10 seconds. Done. On to the next task.


One thought on “Foodie Tuesdays, Garlic

  1. Thing is that you aren’t home always and the fresh stuff might go sprouting or turn brown before use. Which would be an argument for the urban garden.

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