Photo Friday – Black Mountain

San Diego boosts dedicated space for many outdoor activities, which is awesome. The holidays were sinfully summer-like. You can go outside without draping yourself in an armament of wool and Gortex.

About a week after the 1st, I finally got in my New Year’s hike at this place. Black Mountain. The summit is a whooping 1554 feet (yes, I’m being facetious). San Diego isn’t exactly known for towering summits. Regardless, we did gain about 700 feet on the NightHawk Trail. Radio and cell towers, and other transmitters crown the summit, and from the top you can see in all directions unobstructed (with the exception of the towers).

The Open Space is a regional park, managed by the City of San Diego. I’m not really sure why it’s called Black Mountain. Maybe tied to a mining past. Whatever its history, chaparral covers its slopes. Sage, scrub brush. I like the twisting undulation of this one. Stark, it looks like bone picked clean of green. Still reaching.


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