Foodie Tuesdays, Beanz


As a vegetarian, and as someone who generally prefers whole, “clean” foods, beans represent a crucial part of my pantry.  They’re awesome by their lonesome, in enchiladas, in soups.  Canned beans are easy to be sure.  Pop the top, drain, and rinse. In hardly no time at all, you can have a meal.  But as with most things in life, I prefer a more difficult path.  Dried beans, to be specific.  The flavor of beans from scratch is quite different then that of their canned brethren. More subtle. Less goopy. Their texture is superior. The trick to getting them right is to plan.  Soak them the night before. Boil them in the morning. Store them in water in the fridge, cook ’em up when when you get home. The extra steps are worth it!


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