Photo Friday

Forza Napoli by InkSpot's Blot
Forza Napoli, a photo by InkSpot’s Blot on Flickr.

Do you ever get stuck in something? Like a general notion of how to do something comes to you from some nebulous place and you tear your teeth into it, clench your jaws, and breathe madly through your nose, and you won’t let go.

Umm. Hmm. Maybe it’s just me.

I got trapped in the thought that I should only post “new” photos (nevermind the THOUSANDS I’ve taken in my lifetime). However it’s a busy new year, and I have not had much time for adventuring (yet). I have all these cool photos from years past that would be awesome to share (like this one).

This is a god. Or at least a statue of one. He represents the Nile River (if I remember correctly) and the abundance that springs from it. Of course, cultures appropriate each others’ best stories, integrate them into whatever the prevailing ideology is. I’m sure this guy was Greek-ified, then Roman-fied.

In this image, he’s soccer-fied. It will be no surprise to many that Italians love soccer. Maybe love is a weak word. They are fanatical.

During the 2007 soccer season, Mr. Nile was dressed up to represent his team. Forza Napoli. A thrill of delight surged through me when I saw him. We were in a typical Neapolitan vicolo. You can see the fading red paint, a color peculiar to historic Neapolitan architecture. The groomed flowers are a nice reminder that, though we were walking through history, on streets that were hundreds, if not thousands of years old, this was still someone’s home. And even though conquerers have come and gone, the remnants they left behind have, in some cases, have been accepted as family.


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