Foodie Tuesdays, water?

What does water have to do with gluttonous, tongue-gasms? I subscribe to the anecdotal wisdom that says sugary, carbonated beverages kill your tastebuds and reprogram your mind to crave more sugar and more fat. Which usually means certain things won’t taste good or sound appealing. There’s also the problem of wasting your daily nutritional requirements on liquids that do nothing beneficial for you or your body.

Hmm. This topic seemed so much more viable when it first came to me. I’m trying to think of all these cool examples and absolute proofs that support my hypothesis. The unfortunate tidbits coming to me relate to the fact that throughout history water has not been very potable, and required boiling before drinking. Take the ancient Romans, for example, who were purported to drink diluted wine in the same abundance and for the same hydration effects for which many of us drink water. Of course, diluted wine is far different from soda or fruit juices dripping with corn syrup (in any form).


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