Damn it!

It’s been almost a month.  What insights have I learned so far on this path of a reinvigorated commitment to spend time every day on my art?  (see previous post for the skinny.)  Well, sit back, my friends.  I have a couple to share (from the depths of my bruised and slightly tarnished ego).

Insight #1:  Do not begin a big noble experiment in either or both of the following situations: a) an extended trip overseas; or b) when executing a huge work project that’s going to take up 14-16 hours of your day.

Insight #2: Starting from a standstill is theoretically easy-peasy, however is a labor requiring Herculean effort.

Insight #3: There’s ALWAYS an excuse.

Insights are nice.  They peel away a layer and offer some truth I might not have otherwise uncovered.  But having an insight is much different than doing something with it.  It’s like realizing the milk has gone bad.  Okay… there is another step here, if not several.  Here is my attempt to glean something useful from the above trinkets.

Carryforward #1: Be realistic.  Being ambitious is great, but not if you kill your excitement at the first thing that doesn’t work out exactly as you’d envisioned.

Carryforward #2: Work for it.  I made a “commitment” to something, so be committed, damn it.  MAKE time.  Fight for it.  Even the Hydra went down at the end.  After a lot of trial and error.

Carryforward #3: There’s ALWAYS an excuse. Don’t be a victim of my own powers of rationalization.

Hopefully I’ll have something more inspiring to share very soon.


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