The New Experiment

December was all about haikus and photos.  Nibbling at creating.  Delving into a pixelated moment and saturating myself with it until something, anything, sparked. I spent the last month reminding myself that life can’t be lived solely in the act of refining and making a work better.  In other words, editing has dominated my life since June, and it was time for a reset.

Yes, for a writer editing is a crucial part of the process. It can also grin up at you as it wraps its steel teeth around your ankle. The very first thing we have to do when being utterly possessed by this creature is dissolve it, prune the impulse to fuss and fiddle, and refuse to tell ourselves we cannot make a mark until it’s perfect and worthy of the observer.  As the internal critic turns into a viscous puddle, we must create. Without judgement or fear.  With joy.  That’s what December was really all about.

January is going in another direction.  One of my loves in life is music.  I haven’t been patient enough to learn an instrument, but I love listening to the physical manifestation of beauty as vibrations.  String instruments are among my favorites.  There is a richness of sound in guitar, piano, and cello, like a glorious sip of wine dancing in all its complexity on your tongue.  It resonates in me, subtle like fur, round and full as a wave, and sharp as sun reflecting off chrome.

As much as I love to get spiritual about it, getting too caught up in the exultation is folly.  I embrace the base/profane as much as the transcended.  This month I’ll be exploring music.  New discoveries, old favorites, live shows and quiet contemplations.

Welcome to “The Sound Experiment”.


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