the blow: true affection

You know how a dog freezes, then gets ridiculously excited when you say certain words.  Like “walk” or “treat”.  Sometimes music does that to me.  A new song will oscillate through my ear canals, vibrate my ear drums.  I’ll stop, then my head and torso will start bobbing in what a colleague has described as a Parkinson’s fit.

Enter The Blow’s “True Affection”

It’s a sparse little synth lullaby with a snappy backbeat.  It starts with a simple keyboard melody, then layers in percussion.  The singing is sans reverb.  You can almost feel the air of the words rolling around in her mouth, talking shape there.  Clean, the vocalization trims off to a sort of exasperated breathiness.

Check out this one, too.

And by the way, yes is the word.


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