raw ingredients

I woke up, still hazy from a late night, befuddled by the contrast of the morning light and the feeling that my body wanted to sleep for another 6 hours. Once the grogginess wore off, the contents of my fridge started picking at my brain.

Normally I have two to three meals crammed inside, plus ingredients for more. Maybe it’s psychological. Maybe abundance brings me comfort, either that or I’m just neurotic and overprepared.

This morning, my options were rather limited. Raw ingredients for a tasty start to the day distilled to this: eggs, gouda, and frozen bread.

raw_ingredientsNow, what to do these things? Hardboiled, poached, scrambled, french toast, omelet, empty frittata, grilled cheese, toast. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, three raw ingredients could transform into so many things. All I had to do was imagine, decide, and act.

I decided to indulge in my latest obsession.


frog in a hole

Like magic, disparate ingredients coalesced.  Where I had been irritated at not having the perfect combination of food stuffs at my whim, I became excited about being creative with what I had on hand.

the result

the result

It wasn’t as fancy or colorful or as involved as I wanted it to be.  Yes, avocado and an heirloom tomato in the mix would have been excellent.  But the reality is this: what I have is enough.


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