By day I work at a biomedical non-profit institute; but the nights and weekends are all mine. During these precious hours I develop novel-length young adult fantasy and science fiction concepts.  While writing is my obsession, photography is my first love.  The way light plays on surfaces, the juxtaposition of textures, and the refrain of patterns.  All of it sings to me.  I am most connected with my surroundings when I am examining them through the lens of a camera.


This blog is my place to play in image and word.  Here I examine facets of my life and experiences, and share images and rough drafts of new concepts.

about the title of the blog:
Ananke and Eos is named for two Greek goddesses, one from the Protogenoi pantheon, and the other a Titan.

νάγκη, from the common noun νάγκη, “force, constraint, necessity” (Wikipedia). Ananke is destiny.  She is fate.  Ironically, I’m not sure how much I believe in her in that form.  I might be too stubborn and obstinate to yield to the notion that something else, ultimately, has control.  I consider Ananke as more a driving force, a need, a compulsion.

She’s easier to understand, although sometimes as difficult to accept.  Simply, she is the dawn.  She is the breaking of the night into day.  She is a beginning.


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